Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's a Mommy Blogger To Do?

It's official - I'm knackered. Tuckered. Pooped.
The kids have won. I assume they were trying to reduce me to a shadow of my former self.
I'm so tired I can't blog. OK - I am blogging now but I doubt the quality.
I have mommy block. I can't think of anything to write about.

As my day went on (and on and on.) Several topics popped into my head.
I thought about discussing how frustrating it is when you bathe your baby to a squeaky clean shine. Get her in her pajamas and she fills her diaper. Didn't she get the memo about how nice it is to sleep in clean skin, in clean jammies and in a freshly changed crib? Now, of course - I changed the diaper but the shine is definitely tarnished. It seemed to diminish my good work. I took it personally. Did I mention, I'm tired?

I thought about blogging about how sometimes I'm so sleep deprived, I get to my destination and don't remember driving there at all. Very scary - especially since the kids are in the car. But who wants to admit to that?

I thought about admitting that I lied to the six year old about the time so I could put her to bed early. I figured she'll be telling the time soon, so I can only get away with it for a little while longer. Which to my mind makes it OK.

Then I decided that this all may be true but maybe it's not a very entertaining read. So I'm just going to admit - I'm too tired. Too tired to blog. Too tired to do any of the twenty things I needed to do tonight.
Thankfully, because I am a second time around mom. I know this tiredness is temporary. I know that I'll get more sleep one night - hopefully soon. I know my brain will wake up and I'll be able to write a blog worth reading again - just not today.

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