Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have you seen My Brain?

Ok, so we all know that when you push out a baby your brain seems to get pushed out too.
Add to that the sleep deprivation and general exhaustion and you're just not going to qualify for Mensa.
So, last night my sweet husband booked me a massage. I had been sick, struggling with fatigue after eight months of breast feeding and then hurt my back. It was such a sweet loving gesture - I was very touched.
I jumped in the car with great anticipation. Drove to the local spa and walked through the door already feeling greatly relaxed.
"I'm here for my 7.30pm massage." I said. "Come on in." They said. The masseuse is sitting there waiting for me. I confirm it's an hour and a half and off we go.
I float out of there blissed out and deeply relaxed. Then, I looked at my cell phone. Four missed calls. Hmmm.
I eagerly listen to the voicemail.
"Hello, this is the Super Spa* and Massage, we have you booked for a 7.30pm and we're just wondering where you are?"
I call my husband. "Honey, where did you book my massage?" "Super Spa of course, your favorite."
So, why did I go to Sweet Spa?
Well, it's the closest - surely my husband just booked the closest spa. No, he booked my favorite.
But Sweet Spa had a reservation for me and a masseuse waiting. How is this possible?
Multiple phone calls later.
No reservation just a massuese on standby and an opportunistic receptionist.
Super Spa now want to be paid for an hour and a half massage I failed to show for and my brain is clearly lying on a lounger sipping a cocktail somewhere.
At least I was relaxed for 5 minutes.
* Spa names have been changed


  1. Maybe you left your brain here yesterday? Mine's missing too, how strange....

  2. I love this post! It makes me smile. Can't wait to read the book.

    Heather Mac

  3. hello,

    not sure what happened to my comment when I posted the other day, probably did it wrong, mommy brain and all that !

    this one made me laugh :)

    look forward to reading more at the parenting myth.



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