Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WARNING! Controversy Ahead.

Sleep training. Possibly the most controversial of all parenting topics. I find myself wondering why? There are hundreds of baby books that offer varying techniques, advice and methods for everything we need to teach our children, from first foods to potty training. The approaches differ and we choose the ones that work for us quite happily.
So, what's the difference?
Well, with sleep training it seems we can't help slinging some mud at the other approaches.
What makes us so defensive about our chosen method and worse so vehement that other methods are JUST PLAIN WRONG.
Google the topic, plow through the books, blogs and magazine articles and you will find opposing opinions not so strongly expressed since Sarah Palin graced our TV screens as VP candidate.
Let's face it - we're tired. Exhausted even. It comes with the territory. Is that the reason behind the cranky defense of our chosen method?
Is it because some methods involve tears? (Ours and babies!)
Tears, apparently, are unacceptable if left unmopped.
As you may have begun to suspect - I'm a 'cry it out' kind of mom.
I prefer the method where you offer some comfort but without words or eye contact.
Why did I choose it? For me and my babies - it worked. It worked quickly (2-3 nights.)
It involved less than an hour of intermittent tears. You know the kind - there's a pause every few sobs to see if you're coming.
Quickly followed by a peacefully sleeping baby and blissfully happy parents.
So, let the mud slinging begin. I'm out - loud and proud. I sleep train. There was crying involved.
We all survived and are happy and whole lot less sleepy.
I am so much less cranky I don't even care to comment that your method still seems to be causing sleep loss for you and baby.
Honestly, I have no opinion : )

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  1. I too wonder why there is such controversy around decisions that parents make on behalf of their children. Every child is different, what works for some doesn't necessarily work for others. Cry it out or don't, it's our personal choice as parents what best benefits our child.

    Why can't we all just get along?


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