Monday, June 3, 2013

Deja Snafu

Remember this?

She's at it again.   A little less macabre this time but still not flattering.

Here's my Mother's Day gift:

It's a bookmark.  It's really very pretty.  I love to read so it's thoughtful, practical and homemade.  The girl knows me well.  But wait, what's that first word?

boring?????   BORING??????

I am so the opposite of boring.  I am action packed, fun mom.  We went to family bingo on Saturday night - that's how much FUN I am.

Wait, what?  ooooohh it's loving?




  1. out of the mouths of.... nevermind. ;)

  2. I was helping third graders with their Mother's Day essays and I was encouraging them to look in the thesaurus for another word for "beautiful." Two boys decided to use "comely" in their essay.

    I hope the teacher caught it before those essays went home.

  3. Ha! Thanks for the giggle. I actually kind of prefer boring ... much better fodder for her future wedding ;-)


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