Monday, July 9, 2012


In the never ending quest to fill the long days of summer I have resorted to many things - some lazy, some exciting, some downright fabulous. Sunday we achieved all of these things in one outing. We decided to take a leaf out of our own book. When family come to visit we encourage taking the touristy path. When we return to London we hop aboard a double decker bus and visit the landmarks London is famous for. It's always a great time. Like a light bulb suddenly going off in my head I realized we hadn't done that here. Where we live.

We were offered the chance to take a tourist trip around San Francisco. Not just any old trip though. A trip on a bus/boat. That's not the technical term - the technical term is DUCK. Actually the technical term is DUKW but let's not split hairs. I realized it was the perfect family thing to do, experience our own city from a visitors perspective, with the added bonus of fun (kids love fun.)

We Rode The Ducks!
I can honestly say that I can't recommend it enough. We watched other groups climb aboard buses with tinted windows - we climbed aboard a bus/boat with completely unobstructed views.

The kids couldn't believe their luck at being handed a duck whistle that not only was theirs to keep but that they were allowed to blow loudly. As with all things because they were allowed, nay, encouraged to make duck sounds frequently they actually blew it less than you might imagine. I like to consider myself a fun mom but quite frankly you don't know fun until you have quacked along to the Blue Danube whilst whizzing along the streets of San Francisco.

Seeing this gorgeous city with detailed and humorous commentary would have been enough but then we went into the Bay. INTO THE BAY in our bus/boat. I have lived here for 18 years. I have been out on the Bay too many times to count. This was a completely new experience, a totally different perspective.
The four and nine year old loved it. They didn't want it to end. They listened, they learned, they drove the bus/boat (in boat mode.) The whole experience was just plain great.

They need to re-write the song - If you're going to San Francisco - Ride The Ducks.

Small print: This is a sponsored review. The fun we had was unrelated to the sponsorship.


  1. Arghh! I'm glad your trip was so great, but that duck thing reminds me of the unbelievably annoying duck whistle I bought my daughter when we went to see our minor league baseball team, the Ducks. Big mom mistake that was. Too bad for her it disappeared the next day. (Evil laugh.)

  2. Ha! The whole thing is solid proof of how much parenting can change you. I loved the duck whistle. We are still having fun with them :0)

  3. I want to do this!!!!! Kim, Kim, are you listening???? 2 weeks!


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