Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Out of the Mouth of Babes.

After our recent camping experience my children now know what they should do if they see a mountain lion. We discussed it casually so as not to cause nightmares - you know because there was a millimeter of nylon between us and the much advertised LION.

We know that if we do see a mountain lion we huddle, we make ourselves big, we don't turn our backs, we do not run. We are now extra confident hiking in the wilds.
We feel like we have our mountain lion Girl Scout badge.

So you can picture my delight when the subject came up today and the four year old was asked,

"So what would you do if you saw a mountain lion?"

My sweet girl gave a proud smile and confidently stated,

"I'd take it's picture!"

So proud.


  1. Love that!!!!

  2. Um, awesome. Then huddle. Maybe growl a little.


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