Monday, July 23, 2012


(not my kid but a good impersonation)

You know that stage when your kid needs to stop napping? It's painful. If they nap - they stay up until 10.30pm at night. If they don't they are a cranky nightmare from 3.30pm until bedtime AND if you go anywhere in a car from 2pm onwards they are out like a light. We're in that stage. Again.

The four year old started transitioning from nap early this year. By May she was managing to be perky until nearly 6pm - much easier to handle. Then came summer break. Schedules changed. The pace of life slowed down and the sleepy period edged back closer to 3pm.

Here's the thing. I don't want her up until 10.30pm. I am fastidious about bedtime because I want some child free time in the evening. I want time with my husband. I want to pee alone just once in twelve hours.

Ask me where my kid is now? I'll tell you. She's passed out on the couch. It's 4.45pm. I should have woken her up immediately I noticed but a cup of tea sounded good. Waking her up after about 15 mins of snoozing doesn't seem to effect bedtime so I could have just had a cup of tea then woken her. Then the internet called to me - so many emails to catch up on. Now here I am blogging. The four year old has been asleep for an hour. Bedtime will be accompanied by moon and stars tonight.

This is known as a C- in parenting.


  1. Harrison is so there. I don't think there is a right answer to it either. We've gone to every other day naps at daycare...which helps. On the weekend I try for no naps. Except on the days I want to sell him. Or something. ;)

  2. I call it "juggling priorities." A+


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