Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trick Tock.

Time is not important to the nine year old. This is as it should be - she's a child. I don't want her to care about time (with a few notable exceptions.) I am happy for her to be carefree and deadline less. I have not pushed for her to learn to tell time. I don't focus on the clock. It has been to my advantage. Bedtime is when I say it is - not when the clock dictates it. The result is a complete lack of awareness of time. Even now that she can read a clock, if she's not looking at one - she has difficulty telling whether half an hour or half a day has gone by.

It's sweet, endearing. She will ask if this is lunch as I serve dinner - even if it's dark outside. I roll my eyes in a loving 'isn't she adorable?' way. There are many ways this really works out for a parent. Today, I was in a mad scramble to get everything I need for Easter baskets. As my kids are on spring break I had to bring them with me. Not ideal if you are trying to keep the Easter Bunny alive and well, or so you would think. I parked my car outside a shop that had a window full of Easter trinkets. I told the girls I would be right back and dashed inside to pick up to some previously coveted tchotchkes. I was not more than two minutes. I came back with a bag stuffed up my shirt - which was obvious and noisy.
I jumped back into the car trying to act casually and muttering about the shop not having what I wanted.

"OOOOH Mummy!!" says the nine year old.

Sigh - she has seen/heard the bag and knowing that she has wanted something from that shop has worked it out. Easter is ruined. I am a lame parent.

"You had you're hair done! It's lovely!"

What? She actually thinks that I have been to a hairdresser? I cannot believe that she could honestly confuse a two minute dash into a shop with a hair appointment. She's had many haircuts - she knows how long it takes. It just seems unfeasible to me that she can be so unaware. Also, does she really believe I would leave her and the three year old in the car while I go and get my hair cut? Then I realize that I win - she does not see the goodies. The Easter Bunny is alive and well and apparently I have pretty hair. Result.

"Do you like it?" I say as we drive off......

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