Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too School for Cool.

The first day of school has been the subject of so many blog posts, facebook updates and tweets this week. The pictures are so cute. All the excited, expectant and nervous faces of kids aged three and up. The carefully selected first day outfits, shiny new shoes and backpacks.

We all know the truth behind this veneer. Xanax sales are probably through the roof. The stress and anxiety is palpable. We are no exception - although currently Xanax free. The three year old started pre-school. The eight year old started third grade.

Here's what I've noticed, the kids for the most part are fine, it's the parents who are struggling. Sure, leaving your child in tears with relative strangers is bound to tug on the heartstrings but that doesn't seem to be the issue. It's the comparisons. Who's lost/gained weight. Who bought the cutest stuff for their kids. Who is wearing Missoni for Target and who is just wearing Target. Who looks tan, tired or sick. Who has a new car. Who travelled where over the holidays. Who is getting divorced or re-married. Who is pregnant. Who has signed up to help - who hasn't.

Then it struck me - it's just like being back in high school. The parents are all trying to find their place. Hoping to be friends with the cool kids. We want the same for our kids but we really want it for us too. The tension is high.

Does this madness never end? Will we be feeling this every year until our kids are finally out of college?
Please Note: If the answer to this is yes, I would like you to lie to me.

Of course, I am not one of those anxious, need to fit in types. I was just observing this phenomenon. My insomnia this week has not been related to this in any way.
Not to worry, the holidays are right around the corner to distract us.


  1. I think this is when being third trimester pregnant with my third child is a real benefit! I haven't noticed what one parent OR child is wearing, nor have I felt much stress about Fi's transition back to school - as she has adjusted marvelously, AND is happy and smiling when I drop her off and when I pick her up. But I can imagine the tension you describe...and don't look forward to it in a few years, when I emerge from my haze.

  2. you pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one. i was feeling those high school un-cool feelings the other day standing around in a group of moms. looked over at sweet tom just smirking as he realized that i was regressing... i'm ready to not drop into THAT role again as a teen. perhaps it comes so readily to me because i am surrounded by teens all day long. ugh. thank you for actually saying this out loud so i can find awareness and let go of the need to try and keep up... xo


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