Friday, September 9, 2011

Mind The Gap.

I knew going to BlogHer was going to expand my horizons. I expected to learn about new things and hear different perspectives. I didn't expect one of these things to be The Military. At one of the parties I got talking to Laura. I asked the standard BlogHer introductory question - "What's your blog?" and when she told me, I exclaimed the words that every blogger wants to hear, "Oh! I read you!"
I don't know how I came across this blog - I just did. I liked the writing and came back.

I am not overtly political. I have my views. I think I am more of a one world kinda gal - peace, love, bunnies and flowers.
I tend to see both sides of a story and therefore hedge somewhere in the middle ground with a 'can't we all just be friends' look on my face. My views on the current world conflicts are varied but if asked I would say that my view on the military is bring them all home - safe.

I understand that people join the military for a myriad of reasons. Some I can't comprehend and others that make perfect sense to me. Truthfully, it's not a topic I have given a lot of thought too. I am always sad to hear casualties announced. I do take the time to send a prayer to those affected. It's just not something that is a large part of my life. I do not know any one in the armed forces. I know of people in a , my friend's brother is in Iraq right now, kind of way. I have no connection. When I read Laura's blog it was more about family and juggling schedules to me. Then I met her.

We talked over cocktails for no more than 20 minutes and in the time I learned more about the chasm between civilian and military families than I even could have considered existed. As I listened to one families' experience, I realized this woman was just like me. She is a wife, a mother, educated, creative - the difference is she lives whole years of her life without her spouse.
She raises her children as a single mom whilst investing enormous energy into making sure they feel connected to their absent father.

I realized I am connected.

As I sat at the airport gate waiting my flight home a family arrived - a mom, two cute little girls in stars and stripes dresses with red, white and blue hair ties and her brother and sister in law. You could feel the excitement. They had a huge sign that said,
'Welcome Home Sgt. David Jones. Husband, Father, Hero!'

Sgt. David Jones was arriving in on the plane I would leave on. I watched (and cried) as they peered down the jetway for the first glimpse. In what can only be described as irony (or poor airline management) he was almost last off the plane. Even I felt agonized by the wait. When he finally appeared,the entire gate area cheered for this husband, father and hero as he swept up his girls into a long hug.

It made me realize that regardless of my politics there are families that need support. There are mommas that walk a very difficult path so I don't have to. I owe them my support.

Stop by Semper Fi Momma and see what inspiration to support you may find there.


  1. what a great post! we are all more connected than we think, it seems!


  2. This is such a great post. Thank you!! I've read it 4 times now, and finally able to sit down long enough to comment. You're right... a lot of my life is juggling life. Our schedule always seems to be full, and with deployment on the horizon life is not letting up anytime soon. His training schedule has posted, and it's like hearing the 5 minute warning bell before the races. He'll be away most of October, running into November. And that is just the start of it. But, that's our life and like any mother you deal with the situations and adventures as they come and keep right on moving.

    I am so glad to have connected with you, and to have shed a little light into the military world. Thanks for this post. It was beautiful, and I am honored to be a part of it.


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