Friday, August 5, 2011


Flying alone to BlogHer is one of the main attractions of the conference for hundreds of mom bloggers.

Packing for one. That deserves an ovation of it's own

Not having to explain security and the fact that teddy will be fine in the big scary machine.  
Allowing a stranger to pat down your child in the name of safety while you stand tolerantly by and smile (less they haul you away for 'additional screening.') 
Watching, uninterrupted, an in-flight movie. 
Listening to your music not toddler tunes.
A handbag filled with a book and make up not snacks and crayons.
All the things you long for when you fly with children.

So why is this journey not meeting my expectations?
You can't reach me to slap me so I'm just going to say it.  
I am irritated by the ease.

At check in I was offered a complimentary upgrade. The flight is just over an hour. I can sit anywhere for an hour. I don't need an upgrade.
Crammed into economy with my two children for 10 hours THAT'S when I need an upgrade.

I strolled through security. No pat down, no questions about liquids. Someone offered to lift my case onto the belt. I have wrangled two kids, three bags and a stroller through security and have never been offered anything but the impatient stares of fellow passengers.

On our last international flight I was selected for additional everything in security and customs. Was it the harassed look on my face and two travel weary kids clinging to me that made me eligible?

At the gate I was given priority boarding ahead of several families. Just little ole me and my carry on. I need exactly 30 seconds to fold into my seat and put my book in the seat back pocket.

Why am I breezing through this journey when a few inconveniences would be so easy to deal with?
Can't I use up some of my quota of travel hiccups now?

True, I am a little more put together than usual - hair washed, make up on.
Can it really be aesthetics?
Is it just that travel with children is so complicated that even the easiest of journeys doesn't seem so?
Maybe a bit of both.
Either way the smooth, uncomplicated nature of this journey is irritating me.
And yes, I am aware how ludicrous the last sentence is.
Parenting, never what you expect.

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