Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Littlest Room.

The two year old has entered the joy filled world of toilet training.
As with the eight year old (yes eight - she had a birthday) I had been taking the wait and see approach.

I didn't want to do it before she was really ready. I think the accidents are just frustrating for everyone.
We have ignored the social pressure - you know the questioning comment, "Oh she's still in diapers?"
She's two not sixteen.

So yesterday she decided she didn't want to wear her diaper she wanted to wear panties.
Except we have four, thirty minutes car trips to take today.
Two hours strapped in the car seat without a diaper hmmmm.

I know from experience that I should take her lead. Making her wear a diaper today is not a smart move.
This is not my first time at the potty rodeo so I take the challenge.

I put a potty in the back of the car for emergency pit stops. I also add plastic bags and a pack of wipes.
Then I throw changes of clothes into the car and my bag. I mean business.

We make a potty stop just before we leave the house.
You can now picture me clapping and cheering whilst singing the potty song at the sight of 4 mls of pee.
Then we get in the car.

The two year old is a pro - she makes it through all four car trips and stays dry.
The problem is when we get near a toilet.
It seems she is attracted to spending as much time in as many bathrooms as possible.

We went to the bathroom at the eight year old's school four times.
We went to the bathroom at the store two times.
We went to the bathroom at the yogurt shop five times.

That's eleven toilet stops with no actual peeing or pooping.

Now I remember how this goes - this is the catch in toilet training.
They will ask to go constantly, especially at bed time, nap time, meal time and bath time.
You will take them each time 'just in case' they actually have to go.
They will never go. If you don't take them - they will pee their pants.

Ahh good times.


  1. I wondered if my son had a sick obsession with public bathrooms, but it turns out: he's normal! Have fun with all those visits! ;-)

  2. I remember those days! It got easier when they decide they're ready for it. Accidents will be part of the learning curve but she'll get there. Congrats! This is the first step.

  3. Ohhhhh, the potty in the back of the car, the endless exchanging of dirty clothes for clean in the bag everyday. Yes, I remember this. Good luck, you.

  4. Oh man, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am soooo glad we're still in diapers...


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