Wednesday, March 2, 2011

IQ Implied.

I am type A. Very organized. Precise. Punctual.
I pay attention to detail.
I am the family's central point. I manage the bills, organize our social lives and vacations.

If you are like me - then you know how extra hard losing your brain to parenthood is.
I keep expecting my brain to return from it's (now lengthy) sojourn.
It's not in sight.

I find it frustrating, embarrassing , disabling.
I was recently challenged on this self believe by a friend.
Her assertion was that I manage just fine. There is no obvious decline in my acuity.

Well that's great, re-assuring even but let me give you an example.

We went on a vacation. It involved flights, rental cars, hotels.
As we are driving to the airport the Husband asks me which lot we are parking in.
The question didn't actually make sense to me.

"Erm, the long term lot?"

Then I realize, I usually have researched the lots, found the best location, price and even printed a coupon.
Not this time.
I do have the passports - does that count?

We land at our destination.
"Which rental car agency honey?"

I have no idea.
I booked a package deal - I don't have the first idea who we get our car from.

Several phone calls later - we work it out and are on our way.
But where?
Usually I would print out maps, directions, hotel phone numbers and have it all in a handy location.
I know the name of the hotel and that's it.

I feel silly. How can I not have remembered to do any of this?
I have done it for every vacation for years.
I have every SPF of sunblock, snacks, medications and clothing for every eventuality - for the kids at least.
I am now praying that my swimsuit is actually in the case somewhere.

The Husband is re-assuring. We make it to our hotel and have a happy vacation.
The day we're leaving I check our flight info, we check out and head to the airport.
At the desk we are cheerfully informed that our flight left hours ago and has in fact landed back home.
Turns out I had read the landing time as our departure time.

The staff take pity on us, re-book us without fees and we wait for the red-eye which I had carefully planned to avoid.

This is parenthood.
This is focusing on the children and their needs.
This is my life. Brainless or not.

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