Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(Sh) It Happened Again.

Remember this?

Well it happened again.

I am delighted to say that is is not a personal attack on the Principal.
How do I know?

We have a new Principal.
Everything else was the same.
We are deep in conversation when I see the two year old go behind a chair.
It can only mean one thing.

I have noticed that certain places move the two year old.
One is our local toy shop. Guaranteed 'processing' within five minutes of entering.
Another is my friend's home. Doesn't matter what time of day we visit - she will 'go' while we are there.

I like to think that means that these are comfortable relaxing places for her to be.
It's a compliment really.

I'm wondering if it's a forecast of the future that she is so at home in the Principal's office...?


  1. Man, imagine if this persists through high school...

  2. Stopping by from SITS. Just wait until they are potty trained and they insist they have to go everytime you go shopping. My kids seem to find it exciting to see all the public restrooms.


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