Monday, November 9, 2009

The Principal.

Oh dear. I have been called to the principal's office. Let's face it - that's never good. I got a very nice message saying I needed to come to the Six year old's school and meet with her teacher and then the principal.

Try as hard as I may - I can't help feeling I'm in trouble.
I was the good kid in school. OK - let me be more honest about that. I was mostly good and a little bit devious - so I didn't get caught. I never saw the inside of my principal's office in six years of high school. As for grade school - I didn't even know there was a principal.

What can the Six year old have possibly done? As it turns out - not much but some feathers were ruffled and we needed to smooth them. Here's the problem - when I went to see the principal, the Baby had to come with me. In the middle of our conversation she went off to the corner. Uh oh - that can only mean one thing. Maybe not, I thought optimistically. Maybe she just saw something of interest there. Then there was the tell-tale red face and watering eyes. Yup - she was 'processing.'

We were deep in conversation so I didn't want to stop. This man's time is valuable and I may not get a chance to speak with him again for several days.
Then the odor hit my nose. It was a showstopper.
What's a mom to do?

I gamely tried to ignore the mounting pong but within minutes it was all consuming.
I muttered something about needing to change a diaper and the principal very generously commented that he has three children so he understood.
He did however open his window.
We continued our conversation but even with the window open the air became intolerable.
Was it just my imagination or was he turning a little green?
We concluded our chat and we made a hasty exit leaving our noxious memento behind to fade slowly.

Once the nuclear poo was dealt with I sat in the car thinking about the situation.
Once again parenting presents a ridiculous situation within which we need to handle ourselves with grace and eloquence against all odds.
I'm not sure I succeeded but on the upside maybe he'll think twice before calling me into his office again......


  1. so funny - yes, I think he will have to talk by phone next time ;)

  2. LOL funny! Those are the moments you remember for a lifetime!

  3. So funny - glad it wasn't anything too serious!! (the reason for the visit I mean, not the killer poo!)

  4. I really did want to find out what Six did, but understand that you're preserving his right to privacy. Good timing on the little one's part.

  5. Hahahaha I guess he'll think twice about calling you into his office in the future :-p

  6. I'm not sure I realized there was a principal in grade school either. Further supported by the fact that Sweetpea thinks her principal is the librarian.

    Maybe you should start carrying around a can of Glade with you?

  7. I unfortunatly knew there was a principal. I was called into the office in 6th grade for my one act of rebellion. I wish I knew about the poopy diaper trick at the time.

    The principal at my kids school is very well-known. Everyone greats him by name. C has been to the office for a minor infraction. But A has been to read him a good story he wrote in class. I guess they are trying to make it not such a scary place.

  8. Those are the moments you remember for a lifetime! Work from home India


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