Friday, December 3, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere.....

You all know the routine. You lovingly pack a lunch everyday and every day it comes back mangled, messy and often barely eaten. So frustrating.
Prior to packing the lunch, you have planned, shopped, cooked and prepared.
The daily lunch box - the arch nemesis of parents.

You may not be surprised that in our house the big issue is not the lunch box.
It's the water bottle.

The seven year old goes to a school that has one day of class a week - outside.
They go up the mountain, to the beach, to Redwood groves.
They study science, play and ponder.
They go in all weathers.

Whether it is ninety degrees or cold and wet - the water bottle comes back full.
I drink about 30oz of water a day - how can she possibly not drink all day?

We have had many 'discussions' about it.
Culminating in me explaining dehydration. Really.
Still, the bottle comes back full.

This last nature day I issued the water bottle with what could only be described as a threat.
If she didn't drink her water, I would ask the Christmas Pixies to skip a day.
(Christmas Pixies - whole separate post.)
All you need to know today is that this is a big incentive for the seven year old to drink up.

The bottle came back empty.
I took one look at her and asked,
"How much did you pour out?"

If only I could have shown you her face.
A look that encompassed shock, surprise, questioning.
'How did she know?'
Then that sweet, little seven year old face crumpled.

What am I supposed to do.
She was so pleased with herself when she handed me the empty bottle - she thought I'd be happy.
I think in her mind it was the perfect solution.

So here we are - no water is being drunk and now the seven year old is paranoid.


  1. Fruit always comes home uneaten. So it gets presented in the car, at the dinner table, at breakfast the next morning until it's gone. No pressure, but it's understood. Maybe something similar might work with water? Even if she's not drinking during the day, she can make up for it elsewhere?

  2. I was hoping for an update. I have no suggestions - I would be beside myself!


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