Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Dilemma.

I love my kids, I do.
I just would like a break to enjoy my adult life sometimes.

Sound familiar?

For me, the holidays heighten this.
Thanksgiving found us with three other families with young children.
We've known these people for years.
We used to have Thanksgiving together before the children were born.

In those days we enjoyed hot food with great conversation.
After dinner we played board games and laughed until our sides hurt.
It was really a great time.

This year we had our meal interrupted constantly by kids.
We barely finished a mouthful never mind a sentence before we met a child's need or want.
There were no games and instead of relaxing after the meal we had to get all the littles home to bed.

Our children were all delightful. They were not difficult or naughty. They were not particularly demanding.
They entertained us with song and little performances. They were just children.

This is the juggle of parenthood. I want to spend the holidays with my children. I want to create memories and traditions with them. I want them to remember the holidays as joy filled. I love creating special times with them. I just don't want it to be all I do at the holidays.
If I give them 100% I find it hard to enjoy some time as an adult. I don't get to relax. I don't get to really enjoy the meal. I do not get to have a full adult conversation.

How do I find balance? Is it just not possible while the kids are little?
How do you do it?


  1. put on movie for them and enjoy some adult time with friends. That what we do and it works like a charm. They are happy, we are happy.

  2. I hire a babysitter at least every other week, and Matt and I get the hell out of dodge. We eat, shop, drink, and TALK. It's awesome. We also aren't afraid of a little tv distraction - especially when we have people over! It's a struggle, it is, but I hear it gets better with time!

  3. Change your expectations, times have changed. Try to enjoy the holidays in an different way, do activities with the kids, make fun. And on another night the babysitter Christy is talking about, is a good idea to have an adult night with friends. Why not make a big dinner then?
    Love Amelie


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