Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Easy Does It.

Seriously - my parents had it so easy.

School came with lunch - no daily lunch packing for them.

We walked to school - no school bus, carpool or commute.

We played outside with the neighborhood kids every day after school - no constant play date co-ordination.

We wore school uniform - no daily struggle over what to wear, what works with dress code and what is weather appropriate.

Family lived locally - no flights to see Grandma AND free babysitting.

Birthdays parties were always at our homes - they involved playing games and eating cake.
No competition entertainment and goody bags - like bouncy's, magicians and face painting princesses (at $250 an hour.)

We didn't have a computer and TV had only four channels - all of which had a government imposed watershed, so no sex, violence or bad language until after 9pm. No constantly monitoring what the kids are exposed to media wise.

Disneyland was in another country so we didn't even consider we could go there - no weekly pleading for a date with Mickey.

So I know that several of the things I've listed are optional and sit firmly in the privileged camp but let's face it - no daily lunch packs is enough to stir up huge envy.

I think I'll call them now and tell them how lucky they were. That should go well.


  1. Don't you just long for the old-fashioned times?
    Love Amelie

  2. @Amelie - often. I used to think that was because of my (advancing) age but now I know it is because of my intellect :0)

  3. I do let the school prepare my childs lunch. It is much easier. But sometimes I feel guilty because it is well known that they don't always make the most healthy choices. I still think a nice warm lunch is better than a 4 hour old cold sandwich. I miss the metal lunchboxes with matching thermos though. lol

  4. I have rose colored glasses about the lunch box...I cant' wait to prepare them for my kids. Lovingly. Healthy lunches with a kiss inside. I'm such a dork! But I know what you mean - totally.


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