Sunday, October 10, 2010


There seems to be a little ripple in the blogging world.
Word is that you should post something special today in honor of the unusual date.

I am clean out of special.

I am slam dunk in ordinary.
I get up earlier than I'd like. Make breakfast that will be mostly uneaten by the two year old.
Make second (hobbit) breakfast a short while later for still hungry children.
Tidy up house, only to watch two children methodically undo all tidying as I go.
Participate in some child centered activity.

Put two year old down for nap.
Deal with half an hour of nap resistance.

Find a quiet activity to occupy the seven year old.
Make lunch for the seven year old.

Pack lunch for the two year old.
Get everyone ready to go out once two year old wakes.
Retrieve, now awake, two year old - change diaper.

Head out.
Drive whilst providing in car food service to two year old.

Participate in some child centered activity.

Drive home. Begin making dinner.
Spend half an hour trying to ensure dinner is actually ingested.
Tidy up dinner.

Begin bedtime routine.

Come downstairs sleepy and hungry.
Make dinner for self and husband.

Collapse on couch. Go to bed.

Not very special at all.

Or is it?

Let's review.

Wake to the sounds of my children laughing and playing.
Take their tiny hands in mine and marvel at their soft skin as we go downstairs to get breakfast.
Have fun with food like making raspberry finger tops or smiley face pancakes.

Make some Halloween decorations and discuss our costume options.

Put two year old down for nap and snigger at her inventive stalling techniques.

Spend some quality time with seven year old.

Make lunches and feel the satisfaction of nurturing my children with food.

Head out to some child centered activity like a Pumpkin Patch where I can sneak onto the bouncy in the guise of needing to help the two year old and do somersaults when no-one is looking.

Bring home sleepy, hungry but happy children and sing songs in the car on the way.

Cook dinner and spend half an hour trying to have it be ingested. OK that one just sucks but you can't have everything.

Snuggle with my girls in their cozy beds while I revisit the fabulous books of my childhood with them.
(Currently - Paddington Bear.)

Head downstairs for some quality time with the husband.

Pretty special after all.


  1. Motherhood in a nutshell! I can relate to your story! Love Amelie

  2. Interesting how one's perspective can change how a day feels, isn't it? Brian

  3. Saying hi from SITS. Life really is all about perspective, isn't it? Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I totally relate! My days to a T too. Though lately my two year old goes to sleep willingly immediately - we've become experts at wearing her out. :) Loved reading this post!


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