Thursday, September 9, 2010


So I have a question. Not one of you signed up for the Eucerin Giveaway. Where am I going wrong?
It's a bad pic - I see that and actually it doesn't even show all the contents.

The gift bag I received contained about $40 worth of skin care including SPF daily moisturizer.
I thought it was great - very everyday useable.

Did I pitch badly?
Is it just not your thing?
Do you dislike Giveaways?

I'd really love your feedback.

There are three gift bags still available so if you simply just didn't get to it yet - leave me a comment asking to be in the draw.
If you want to give me feedback but do not want the goods - just add 'No Giveaway' to your comment.

If you'd rather mail me privately - I'm at



  1. Oh no! I feel for you! That's like your worst nightmare when throwing a party - that no one comes! Or putting up a regular (non-giveaway) blog post and no one comments! I read ALL of your posts and try to always comment. The reason I didn't enter in your contest is because I don't NEED the cream - I could just buy it myself. So I was being nice and letting other people who might actually need it enter. But since they're not stepping up, heck ya sign me up! I'll go over to that post and comment too. :)

  2. I hardly ever enter giveaways, but you can put me in, since you're getting a low response. I just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you find time to do the same.

  3. I enter giveaways all the time. I search for them even and I never saw yours. Did you promote it? Put it on a sweeps site? Twitter it? Facebook?

    From an SEO standpoint - you need to have Giveaway in the title. That's how Google pics it up and you get people. You should always list the item and the word giveaway.

    Also, you need a firm ending date. It says one week but when exactly? midnight pst? Don't count on the post date. A date needs to be there. Also, will you ship outside of the US?

    How to enter:
    Deadline to Enter:
    US Only

    That kind of thing. All of that will get you picked up by google and you'll be gold. I'd love the prize pack. I buy Eucerin all the time so it would have been worth it to me if I had found it.

    (PS found this post on Mom Blog Network - I'm a community manager there.)


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