Monday, September 27, 2010

Tying Myself In Knots.

Apparently, I am determined to complicate my life.

Last Christmas the seven year old asked Santa for a Pillow Pet after seeing the commercial.
I was uninspired by the choice but we have a rule about the letter to Santa.
The rule is that if we give her the option of writing to Santa then we should honor her wish.

So, that was the goal. Reality had other ideas.
The Pillow Pet she wanted was out of stock.
I found a similar product and it made it's way to Santa's sack.

She loves it. It has been her constant companion.
A few weeks ago she saw the Pillow Pet commercial again.
We don't watch TV so commercials are rarely seen.

She asked. I said no.
She pleaded. I said no.
She came back with a business proposal.
She would work to earn the money and buy it herself. I agreed.

On Saturday we set off to get the much wanted pillow pet.
Her delight was delicious.
Her smile was body wide.
Pillow Pet in arms we came home.

The two year old greeted us at the door.
"You got me a Pillow Pet!' she squealed.
(My fears about the powers of advertising is another post.)

Oh dear God.
What was I thinking?
How could I bring home one cute, fluffy, cuddly pillow?

I decided that we would handle the situation in line with our morals and ethics.
We don't just get something because we want it or because someone else has it.

We tried distraction. We reacquainted the two year old with some of her existing cute cuddlies.
She sobbed. She was still sobbing at dinner time.

"She'll have forgotten about it by tomorrow" I confidently state.

She created us at 6.35am with..
"I want Pillow Pet" in the saddest voice you have ever heard.

We were outside the store for it opening.


  1. I bought a knock-off (accidentally, what did I know?) and I'm still getting occasional grief two years later.


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