Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shower Me Happy.

I write my best posts in the shower.

By the time I get out of the shower, get half dried and half dressed (because the kids are already demanding my attention)
the brilliant post that was in my head is already half gone.

If I'm lucky I can write down some notes. Even so a note that says 'diapers' could mean a post idea or a shopping list after I get distracted changing one.

In the shower - my posts are witty, clever, provocative.
They are the perfect length to draw you in but leave you with a witty punch line, wanting more.
They are creative, original and inspiring.

In the shower, I love being a blogger all the time.
I never have writer's block.
I find my children hilarious and adorable.
They are endlessly entertaining and I can't wait to share their stories with you.

Maybe it's the hot, steamy water massaging my tired muscles.
Maybe it's the lack of interruption (most of the time.)
Maybe it's just that everything is better in the shower - my singing, my skin.
Even a cry feels more productive in the shower.
Perhaps I should start cooking there...

It seems ironic, cruel even, that I don't get nearly enough showers.
Yesterday I went to yoga at 9am and got my shower at 9pm.
Can we say ewwww. Honestly, I was just pleased I got one at all.
Maybe it's for the best.
If I showered everyday my writing would be prolific and I would most likely be published and about to set out on a worldwide book tour. Hotel showers are never very good.

I know I'm not alone in my shower genius. I know that I have read about various multi million dollar or life saving ideas that originated in the shower.
Why hasn't anybody invented the waterproof notepad or laptop?


  1. Haha! Great post!

    I bet you could set a dictaphone on the closest surface to your shower and sing out your posts while IN the shower! I swear, I hope you do so. I write my best posts when I'm working out - running, biking, swimming. And then by the time I'm home and (HOPEFULLY) showered, not only can I not remember the posts, I normally can't even remember WHAT topic they would have been on. I swear, before having kids I was smart, with a brain like a steal trap; now it's a sieve, most of the time.

    PS - WAY TO GO on getting to yoga again!!! You rock!

  2. I do some of my best thinking in the shower. This morning I got an idea for a book while in the shower. I may actually flesh it out and see if I can turn it into something.

    Stopping by from SITS. :)

  3. Showering is pretty much my only time to myself...I have mentally written many blog posts as I soaped myself up. Unfortunately they rarely get written

  4. *Nods head in agreement* although, the loo seems to work equally as well for me :-)

    flew in from SITS

  5. great post - thanks for the laugh! Another visitor from SITS!


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