Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hang Loose.

So I've lived in California for 16 years. More than that I've lived in Northern California.
Home of the liberal, tree hugging hippie.

It was an adjustment - I grew up in a a religious, traditional home.
It turns out it came fairly easily to me. I seem to be equal parts Celt and Crunchy.

This week, however, I had two firsts.

I went to see a pre-school for the two year old. I am ready for some time to myself.
You know, so I can go to the gynaecologist, dermatologist, dentist and psychotherapist.
Some high quality 'me' time.

I went to look at a place that is very close to our home and has a good reputation locally.
I took the tour. It was your standard fare - kids, toys, little chairs and tables.
I liked it but didn't love it.
Then they handed me the application.
Here are the first several questions:

What color is your child most of the time?

If your child were a landscape, what would they look like?

If you were to create a landscape of your child, what mediums would you use?

Describe your child with an adjective and an element.

What plant would your child be and where in the garden would they grow?

If you think these questions are beautiful - stop reading now.

First of all - an adjective is a describing word right?

Secondly - these are two year olds. They like to play and eat.
They do not share toys well and will likely cry when their parents leave.
They will never admit to needing to sleep or pee.

I am a Waldorf mom - I like the idea that children are seen as individuals.
I want their teachers to get to know them.
I am still unclear how knowing if they are a Fica or a Daisy helps.
Aren't plants a subjective thing?
Wouldn't it be simpler to just say shy, or social?
Not to mention a little more sane.......

Next, inspired by my friend over at A Lil' Welsh Rarebit I decided to take action on the unwanted baby pounds. I signed up for Yoga classes.

I turned up early and fought the wish to leave. I placed my mat near the middle of the room and then he came in.
He was about fifty and clearly experienced in yoga.
He placed his mat DIRECTLY in front of mine.
That would have all been fine but for his outfit.
He was wearing a white vest and tangerine, velour shorts. More bloomers really. They had elastic around the legs.

I really hope I painted a good visual for you. I had to downward dog with tangerine, velour bloomers in my face.
I can tell you for fact that he was commando under those bloomers.
Is this a California citizenship test?

No, just another day in Parentville.


  1. Don't these schools know that we are the generation in the UK that were not taught grammar in case it stifled our creativity :) OK, personally that preschool scares me. Hat's off on the yoga though, at least you made it to the studio, I haven't got that far, just bought a dvd and a mat and never used either yet, but I feel good that I ordered them ;-P

    We should get our 2 littlest ones together for a playdate soon, MWF work best for us.

  2. YAY! Good for you for signing up for yoga AND for actually attending the first class. Now it's just going to be a battle (if you're at all like me) to keep on keeping on for the next few weeks. I find the first three to four weeks MURDER, but after that it gets easier! And, OMG commando under orange velour shorts?! YIKES!

    That preschool applications? Good lord. So did you complete it?!

  3. This might just have to inspire me to get back to yoga too. Although I will scope out my positioning carefully so as not to offend my delicate sensitivities with commando-style bloomer wearing.


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