Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looking For Love.

The two year old just told me she 'doesn't love me.'

I know that she has seen, done and can do more than her sister did at this age because she is the second kid.
I understand (with regret) that she has ingested more sugar, seen more TV and heard about ghosts, bee stings, and various other scary things long before I wanted her too.

It's the lot of the second (third or more) kid. This one stunned me though.
I stood there will my mouth dropped open, then progressed to pouting.
I realize that by doing that - I taught her the power of that little sentence but I couldn't help myself.

The seven year didn't tell me of her love withdrawal until she was four or five.
It was amusing to me. This one stung.

You must be wondering what I did that was so awful that the two year old needed to shun me.

I said she couldn't drive the car.

I hope you'll agree that this is not an unreasonable stance.
She's not insured to drive my car and she's not tall enough to see out through the windshield.

I thought I was doing something nice. We were headed out to the library to get books - a favorite activity. It's very hot here today. An ice cream might have been added to the equation.

Now I am too upset. The two year old is not much happier.
I know this because she lay down on the floor and screamed and kicked for so long - she wore herself out.
No exactly a fit way to drive a car by the way.
She is now napping.

Two year olds - so unreasonable.


  1. This might not be the response you were looking for, but this made me chuckle. Somewhat wistfully, but still. I can't count how many times Sweetpea said "you're not my friend" or "I don't like you because I like Daddy" or "I'm not loving you!" before she turned three. I always just looked at it like a power play more than anything. They don't have any power or authority, and this is their way of taking something away. A consequence, if you will.

    That little minx. You know she adores you to the tip of her little freckled toe.

  2. I had just the opposite reaction - my heart went out to you. I haven't had this experience yet, and know I'll probably sob a little when it happens the first (and millionth) time...


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