Saturday, August 28, 2010


The husband plays music.
Last night he played a sizable event.

I took the kids.
The two year old said,

"Dude - TOO LOUD!"

Fair enough but like seriously, dude where does she come up with this stuff?

I consider myself to be a responsible parent.
I work hard at parenting. I read about it, attend workshops and classes.
I work on myself so I don't project my stuff on them.

But there we are at a (too) loud music concert. I had to take them - Daddy was playing.

It was lateish, I had a cocktail in one hand and the two year old in the other. The seven year old was wearing the band t-shirt and moshing in the front row. We were singing along and dancing.

Then I saw the judgement. Around me people were pointing at 'the baby'.

"Isn't it too loud for her?" someone asked.

I believe we had already firmly established that - from the horses mouth no less.
It's worth noting that the two year old said,

"Dude - too loud."


"Dude - get me out of here."

"She's OK - she's happy," I say pointing at her huge grin.

"But her ears" she protests.

I pull back her hair and reveal the earplugs.

"Oh, phew - we didn't see them."


How many people are 'we' exactly?

So here's what I learned:

It is fine to take kids out late to see (too) loud music.
It's fine to drink and parent.
It's fine to allow your seven year old to mosh.
It's fine - as long as you have them wear ear plugs.

This public service announcement brought to you by The Parenting Myth.


  1. Oh my god you were much calmer than I would have been! I simply can NOT stand it when people butt into my business! I don't understand these people who feel free to comment on stuff like this. DUDE. You're the parent. Your child was obviously happy. UGH UGH UGH. Mind your own damn business lady! DUDE!

  2. I so get the frustration.

    I very clearly remember being in China one March with my - then - 10 month old daughter, who was dressed in knitted sweater and cap and mitts, heavy pants and little booties and was also warmly fitted in a snugly against my chest. Even then, I was surrounded by well-intentioned women telling me over and over that my cozy, sound asleep daughter was too cold.

    However, as I read through your post, another of your gems came to mind:

    I guess we all do it - human nature? hee hee


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