Friday, August 13, 2010

In a New York Minute.

Firstly, let me just say - my hair is fabulous in humid New York. No relevance to the post just wanted to say it.

I went to BlogHer. My original thought was that it was really just an excuse to get away for a weekend and where better than the Big Apple?
I thought I might meet a few fellow bloggers and grab some swag at the expo.

I hadn't really thought any further than that.
Low expectations may have helped.

It was fantastic. Inspiring. Fun.

The Hilton did a really nice job.
Over 2000 women are probably not the easiest group to keep happy.

Imagine the need for extra towels, pillows and toiletries.
Imagine that those women are one of the most sought after groups for marketers and advertising.
Imagine how much bad press Hilton could generate in thousands of blogs world wide.

I imagined the manager popping Valium in his office.
Relax dear manager - job well done.

I have never been so well looked after at a conference.
Meals were provided! Tea, coffee, water, snacks - in abundance.
As a mommy - it was a complete treat to be so well looked after.
It made for a much less expensive trip than I imagined - something that always makes me happy!

I had been thinking a lot about my blog in the weeks before I went to New York.
Much of the impetus for it had come from returning to the early years of parenting.
I needed the community. I needed to talk about sleep deprivation and poopy diapers, picky eaters and the immersion that parenthood is.
I wanted to laugh about it with others who knew how it felt. I wanted to get help, advice and ideas from other parents.

Now that the two year old is just that - two. I am emerging again in to the real world. I am able to get out more. I can have some me time more easily. My need to blog is diminishing.

What I remembered while at BlogHer is that - I LOVE to write. Writing has opened up a long closed vault. I like to use my brain for things other than finding Mrs Potato Head's handbag. I like that when I write, I feel like an adult not just a mommy. Even when I write about being a mommy.

I had a lightbulb moment during one session. My New york minute. I know where I need to take this blog now.
More on that to come.
I hope you'll stay for the journey.


  1. Stopping by from SITS. Being a New Yorker I had no reason not to attend blogher except my own asshattery. Next year I'm definitely going everyone has such wonderful things to say about it. I could kick my own ass for not going. So glad you enjoyed it and that you came away with some inspiration.

  2. Hi, visiting from SITS. Sounds like a good time was had in NYC. I hope to get up the nerve someday to attend one of these events. My Read-A-Thon Updates

  3. How exciting. I am so glad you had fun! It sure sounded like a fun time. I love reading everyone's reviews : ) so fun!

  4. Love that you took from BlogHer to nurture yourself and that you want to write. I don't think there could be any better things to walk away with. I loved meeting you, just sorry it was so brief and I was so tired. May we get to know each other better here.

  5. Ahhhh. So sad I had to miss the big event. Hearing about everyone's fun adventures make me so excited BlogHer is going to be in San Diego next year - closer to home! At least I get to go to bloggy boot camp this weekend. It's not quite the same - but as close as I'll get these days


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