Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If You Give A Mom A Baby.

Today's post is a tribute to one of our favorite books -
If You Give A Pig A Pancake by Laura Numeroff.

If you give a mom a baby,
she'll want a nursery to go with it.

You'll shower her with your favorite baby things.

She'll probably get overwhelmed and teary, so she'll want to have a cocktail.
She'll ask you for one.

You'll have to remind her that babies and vodka don't mix.
She'll probably ask you for a hug.
You'll give her your best one.

The hug will remind her that she's so big, nobody's arms fit around her.
She'll feel sad and fat,
so, she'll want to go out and get ice cream.

She'll want you to come too.
You will look for your wallet.

While looking, you'll come across an old photo album.
You'll show it to her.
You'll look at photos of you two, thin and carefree - it will make you laugh.
She'll want you to take a photo.

You'll have to find your camera.
When she sees the picture she'll ask you never to take another.

She'll want to change into something more flattering.
When she's tried on everything she owns,
you'll give her your best t-shirt.

You'll head out for ice cream.
On the way you'll pass a stroller shop.
She'll ask you to buy her one.

You will wish you had forgotten your wallet.

The stroller will remind her the baby also needs a car seat, a crib and a change table.
Buying all these things will remind her she's actually going to be a mommy.

And chances are,
if she asks you for one baby,
she'll want another to go with it.

I'm off to Blogher in NYC. Hope to see you there......


  1. You're a clever thing, you are. We love that series of books too.

    And hey, I'm going to Blogher too! Let's meet at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning and go together, okay?


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