Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Is Calling.

It's the end of the school year. It brings many things.
Excitement, trepidation, anticipation.

It also brings, for me, twelve weeks of double trouble.
Twelve weeks. That's a lot of weeks.

In many ways I am ready. I am ready to let the kids wake up naturally.
I will not miss the morning bus dash.
I will not miss packing a lunch pack every morning.
I will not miss having to remember 101 things every day.
(Or forgetting then being frustrated.)

I will miss having any time to myself.

I decided on minimal camp this summer.
I decided to give the girls a summer of free time, beach days and no schedules.

A summer like I had as a kid - with long lazy days.
I remember feeling like the summer days lasted forever.
I remember going to bed in what seemed like broad day light.
I remember them being happy days.

Looking back now I see that it was the lack of structure, the endless possibilities that made them so enjoyable.

I want my girls to discover their garden and creek. I want them to loose themselves in a project.
I want them to spend whole days in each others company.

Will I wish they were at camp so I could get the laundry done?
Am I crazy?
Time will tell.

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