Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crisis Complete.

I knew having children would change my life.

I expected to spend a lot of my time talking about, dealing with and planning for poop.
I expected to feel tired 90% of the time.
I expected to spend hours cutting food into tiny pieces and putting it into tiny containers.

Here's what I didn't expect.
I didn't expect my perspective on life to change so much.

I'm not talking about how more dangerous the world can seem,
or how much more exciting it is viewed with a child in tow.

I'm talking about how I've changed. I'll give you an example.
This week I spent several days filled with excited anticipation about - a supermarket grand opening.

I want to make sure you got that,

I have achieved the thing I spent most of my teens and twenties railing against.
I have become settled, resigned even - to the mundane.

I checked that supermarkets website and followed the construction progress.
What happened to checking the live music listings?

I spent time thinking about when would be the best time to go - to avoid the crowds but enjoy the grand opening festivities.
I actually planned my attendance of the opening of a food market.

Maybe it has nothing to do with becoming a parent but I don't remember being so food, snack and household product obsessed before I had children.

Even more interesting (to me) is that I don't feel shocked about this change.
I am quite sanguine about it.
Does this mean I have completed my mid-life crisis?


  1. Are we old enough to have a mid-life crisis yet? I think this may only be the beginning...

    (and what supermarket are you talking about?? I must go!)

  2. Whole Foods. Can't believe you don't know about it. I feel even more ridiculous now.
    I started my mid-life crisis mid thirties. I'm hoping that's not an actual time linear thing.....


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