Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Solution.

One of the most common complaints of parents is that they don't get any privacy in the bathroom.
It's something that most of us take for granted - until we have kids.

I have tried all sorts.
Asking for privacy - doesn't work due to the goldfish nature of children's brains.
Locking the door - not safe for little ones.
Might work for older kids but for me resulted in a child sitting weeping on the other side of the door.
This would be bad enough but she also asked every say, 15 seconds "Are you done yet, sniffle?"

I'm used to it now and for the most part - don't even notice anymore.
With one exception. A certain monthly event.
I really want privacy then.

I have tried putting out a treat and sneaking off.
Running to the bathroom that is furthest away - the baby likes to meander so it usually takes her a few minutes to find me.
Inevitably, I do not get the quiet moment I crave.

Yesterday I finally found the solution!
Go make yourself a cup of tea, then sit your self down and get really comfy.
This is life altering stuff.

The baby has a cold (again) her nose is running like a tap.
As we all know the dreaded tissue is guaranteed to make any kid run in the opposite direction.
That's it!!
When the baby came into the bathroom, I pulled out a tissue - she bolted.

When I heard her padding back in my direction I just had to say:
"Come and get your nose wiped" and she was off again.
Worked like a charm.

I have employed this tactic three times now and it has been foolproof.

Now, I know what your thinking.
What if your kid doesn't have a cold?
No problem - in my experience a wash cloth and the statement,
'Let's wash your face' will have just the same effect.

You're welcome.


  1. I have the exact same problem and that is beyond brilliant! Nicely played!

  2. Miss Six Year Old is very cognizant of the "monthly visitor" for that reason - she never left me alone!


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