Friday, April 2, 2010


For the first time, the seven year old is interested In April Fools Day.
VERY interested.

She spent Wednesday telling me her plans and went to bed giggling with glee at all the foolery she would accomplish.
VERY cute.

I woke her April 1st morning. As an aside - waking your child should be illegal. Since the clocks sprang forward she is often still asleep when we need to get up for school. Unless of course, it's the weekend in which case she will be bright eyed and bushy tailed by 6.30am.

Due to the sleepiness - I usually wake her then head downstairs to make breakfast and pack her lunch - while she wakes up.

She wandered in to the kitchen with tears streaming down her face.

"What's wrong sweetie?" I say rushing over to her.

"Well it's just, sob, well - I'm not having a very fun April Fools Day."

It's 6.58am.

I distract her with breakfast. In her lunch I label a container of her favorite snack as 'broccoli.' Inside the container I put a note inscribed with April Fool! and a smiley face.
Then I help her pull off an April Fool involving the husbands bathrobe.

She is still unsatisfied. Driving to the bus I hatch a plan.

"When we get to the bus - tell the driver we just got a call from the school and the school is closed because of a massive leak."
She is ecstatic!
I am sure that she will not be able to pull this off - she's too excited.

The Oscar goes to.....

Incredible. She fools the driver, three parents and all the kids.
Her delight is delicious.
I am a hero.

Crisis averted.


  1. Love the post. you have a great style of writing although i'm sure you don't need ME to tell you that. i've just started my own blog (about 3 1/2 weeks old now) and just loving meeting all these wonderful women online. found you on SITS btw.
    drop by and see me online sometime if you get the chance.

  2. I could have sworn I responded to this one....?
    But yes, you are a hero. And a damn funny one at that.

  3. What fun!!! My daughter was also really into April Fools Day. Thanks so much for sharing. Be back soon. Cheers, Lia

  4. That's pretty cool about April Fool's. Our family isn't into it so much but once in a while we have April Fools, even if it's not April 1st.


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