Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pearly Whites.

The seven year old is getting her big girl teeth.
They've been arriving for about a year and she has six so far.
She also has several gaps where baby teeth have fallen out but we haven't seen the new ones yet.

I would like a support group for this process.

They are not coming in straight. They are over AND under lapping.
They are coming in at severe angles. They are pushing other teeth out.

Of course she's still beautiful. I'd love her if she looked like an ant eater (too random?)
It's hard not to be a little concerned though.

I find myself staring at her mouth, squinting a little.
It's hard to imagine they will straighten out.

I know she will likely have orthodontics but that won't be for years.
In the meantime does she have to look like Goofy?

Why doesn't her dentist give me a reassuring hug and a flyer to attend a 7pm meeting when we go?

I'm not looking for a Julia Roberts smile but I just can't imagine the crazy jumble in her mouth currently can ever be functional, never mind straight.

Ok, she can do serious damage to a corn cob so maybe I don't need to worry about function, that just leaves us form.
I have been stressing about it - can you tell?

I decided to pay attention to her peers mouths.
Phew - lots of gaps, crazy angles and disproportionate sizes.
Then I pulled out a few photos from my youth.
When I was nine - Bugs Bunny had nothing on me.
I now have a nice straight row of nashers.

I am a little relieved.
I wish we could still by pass the 'awkward' stage but I also know that her teeth may be the least of it.


  1. Orthodontics are sooner than you think - they get them started by 7 or 8 these days!

  2. I freaked out about my daughter's teeth at first when they were coming in all crooked. But somehow they've straightened out a bit - lots of gaps, but the weird angles are gone. BREATHE!

  3. I think they all straighten out as they come in. Maybe. My oldest has only lost two so far. I am not looking forward to my kids' awkward stages. Mine lasted from about 7-27!

    Over from SITS


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