Monday, April 19, 2010

Kid Class.

There's flying and there's flying with kids.
It's a plane divided.
You either are hoping there are no kids in your section or you're hoping that your kids will not destroy/disturb your whole section.

I have flown in both categories.
Let me make this very clear for those of you in any doubt.
We would ALL prefer not to fly with kids.
That doesn't mean we don't want to travel with our kids - we just want them to be tele-ported to the destination.

We flew to Mexico last week. It was a non-stop 3 1/2 hour hop.
We fly to the UK so this is easy for us.
Except for the fact that the baby is turning wonderfully two.

For those not in the know - this means she cannot sit still - not even for a minute.
It also means she cannot be occupied by books, drawing, toys, movies, music or anything else for more than ten minutes at a time.
There is one exception. The back of the seat in front.
A wonderland of discovery. The tray clip - ooooh the fun to be had.
The little net pocket, filled with intriguing things like headphones, a sick bag and magazines.
It's like Christmas morning - if you are two.

There is one problem with this - the occupant of the seat in front.
We encountered a curmudgeon.
She was glaring at us within minutes. The planes doors were not even closed.
This was going to be a long three hours.

We apologized, reprimanded (for her benefit) two year olds do not respond to reprimand.
We distracted, cajoled and switched seats (within our row.)
The two year old remained obsessed.

Sigh. I do care. I believe that lady had the right to not have her chair kicked and pulled on for the flight duration. I do.
I also believe that she had a cocktail, watched the movie and napped.
While I distracted, cajoled and juggled two children in a space no bigger than a broom closet.
Who do we think had the better deal?

I know the airline industry is struggling but is a kids soft play area too much to ask?
Surely there's room down there with the cargo?

Someone needs to pitch Mattel a fake plane seat back toy - it would make millions.
I'll settle for a finders fee.

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  1. I am so not looking forward to our next flight. My daughter will be two and while she does have an exceptionally long attention span she will still be TWO!

    She and I took a short flight (about an hour) when she was 10 months old. Going she was great, coming back she lasted until the last 20 minutes. I spent 20 minutes chucking the kid up in the air so she could flirt with all the passengers behind us.
    My shoulders and arms both hated and loved it.


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