Saturday, April 17, 2010

Home And Away.

The first cup of tea made in your own kitchen after a trip - is heaven.
I had one of these divine beverages last night.
No matter how much fun you've had or where you've been - it's the perfect homecoming.

It had a lot to live up to.
For the last nine days I have been waited on hand and foot by waiters, pool boys, chambermaids and room service.
If you are in need of a vacation, I cannot recommend this place Velas Vallarta highly enough.
It was a dream come true for any parent.

We got home after nine hours of traveling. It was a relatively easy trip.
Non-stop flight. Calm baby and when I say calm - I really mean calmed.
Hylands Calms for Kids - I thank you. The outward trip was not so smooth but more on that later.

Walking in the front door was a clattering return to reality.
Nobody would be playing with my kids for hours, nobody would be offering me a drink or snack every 10 minutes.
Nobody would be making the beds, washing the dishes, cooking or cleaning. It's all down to me with help from the Husband when he's not at work. Ugh.


I want to swim in the ocean and be given a towel and some ice water when I get out.
I want to lie under a cabana, sipping margaritas, while my kids are entertained at the kids club.
I want to eat dinner oceanside while the sun sets.

I know that I should just be very grateful that I got to go at all but seriously,

Thank goodness for PG Tips.

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  1. And this post is exactly why I don't do reality-altering vacations for the most part. Because the return to reality is such a shock to the system.

    Welcome back! May I offer you another cup of tea this week?

    p.s. there is a little present for you in my last post....


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