Thursday, March 25, 2010

Body Talk.

Why is the body so amusing to the under twelves?
I never hear the seven year old laugh so loud or for so long than when she hears a bodily sound or spots a usually covered body part.
She's been like this since she was three - I was thinking she'd grow out of it by now.
Not a chance.

I am happy to agree that if you're a girl, there is something amusing about the male anatomy - I'm not going to be specific but we all know what I'm talking about.....
Anything that dangles seems to be particularly amusing and since I've nursed two babies - there's a LOT of dangling going on around here.
Too much information?

I want my girls to be at ease with their bodies so while I don't flaunt - I don't hide.
Fine if you're not intimidated by pointing and giggling.

In her endless quest to be her sister's twin, the baby is getting in on the trend.
Her favorite trick is to announce her new discoveries, "mummy pooped!" in public places.
I'm fine with that (I do in fact poop) as long as people don't think she is reporting current events.

We all know that being a mom means you have company in the bathroom. I'm used to it.
Yesterday though, I had another bathroom first.
The baby brought me her yogurt "help please mommy."
You know that I have in the past advocated eating in the bath - it's very efficient for clean up.
Eating or feeding your child while on the pot - I can't condone.

I thought pregnancy and childbirth were the biggest dignity stripping experiences I would have but it turns out I was wrong.
Having my children prod, poke, announce, point and laugh at regular intervals during the day wins hands down.
My advice to those of you planning, pregnant or new to this game.
Buy Beano - it will save you a lot of public shame.
Put a lock on your bathroom door.
Make sure your dangly bits are secured before venturing into the company of your children.

I've also found that the old adage 'if you can't beat them join them' makes it all easier to bear.
It may not be my most shining moment in parenting but there is something liberating about being forty and shouting
"Ha ha! You farted!"
No need to send me comments about the apple never falling far from the tree.....


  1. Oh my!

    My son is nearly 3. We're just getting starting on the whole potty thing.

    I pretty much get clapped for and cheer every time I go pee pee in the potty at this point.

    Combine that with a new baby sister who is has "different pee pee parts" and my days are quite an body adventure right now.


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