Sunday, January 24, 2010


The baby is smart. How do I know?

She has only just started talking and already her favorite five statements are to her advantage.

"I want that."



"Eat now"


"Want bath."

I think I'm going to take her lead. How lovely would life be if you could conduct it with just those words?
I know that adding please and thank you would be sweet and likely necessary if you are not under two feet, with a cute toothy grin but I think I might try it.

I can see myself in Nordstrom pointing at some cute new clothes and simply stating "I want that."
No money required - you just get it.

Imagine how fun it would be at your favorite restaurant if you could just point at your plate and say "more" and a top up of your favorite dish arrived.

A warm bath on demand and someone to shampoo your hair.
The more I think about it, the more I like it. The baby has it made.

We are working on manners. Our first attempts were confusing. I was making dinner. Baby said "peas!" I got very excited, as any parent would, at the request for vegetables. I immediately popped a few in a pot and presented them a few minutes later.
The baby mashed them, threw them and hid them under her leg.
"Peas!" She said with a hint of frustration. "Peas, peas. peas!"
"You have peas" I say, looking confused.
Much later I work out she was saying please. I have now guaranteed that she will not say please or eat peas for a while.

I know that babies are very ego centric but it's interesting that those are the words she (and every other kid I know) gravitate towards first.
Why not "You have" or "I don't need anything right now mother, why don't you sit down and enjoy your tea while it's hot."

The fact that each abruptly stated request is met with huge excitement and enthusiasm probably doesn't help.
Why bother learning to be polite if stating MORE! gets you what you wanted and a round of applause?

Growing up is over rated.


  1. You have me thinking.... how nice it would be indeed if I could life only saying the words, MINE! and MORE! and CUP! The cup would have to be filled with wine of course, but ya know - whatever works!

  2. Lol! Love this! It is overrated! And I am with Charlene on that wine thing ... :)

  3. cute post!mine would be "you do it" like in you do the dishes,you do the cleaning.
    dropping by from SITS


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