Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Jacket.

The baby is into fashion. This comes as a huge surprise to me. I subscribe to the over busy mommy - ponytail, t-shirt and jeans style. She certainly doesn't get it from me.

She goes off to the bathroom gets a headband - she has no hair so this is particularly cute. Puts a handbag on her wrist, puts on her shoes (by herself - child genius) then comes to find me.
She then takes me to the front door and says "Go!"
It's very cute.
She even mixes it up by choosing different headbands or shoes.
Then there's the jacket.

We got the jacket in Canada. Actually Grandad got it for her Christmas but it was chilly so we got it out.
It's a cozy jacket. We live in California - my thought was we would use it for the rare cold days and when we go to the snow.
The baby has other ideas. She won't take it off.

She has napped in it. Eaten in it. She even tried to wear it in the bath - but I drew the line. That caused the classic tantrum which I really wish I could have filmed.
She lay down on the ground and thrashed her arms and legs. Then she stopped abruptly and looked up. Satisfied that I was indeed watching she resumed her 'tantrum.' Hilarious.
She particularly likes to wear it with nothing else on. A delight she discovered post bath. No need to point out to me that I gave in. She didn't wear it IN the bath - that was my victory....

Yesterday a new jacket came in the mail. Grandma sent it.
We have jacket confusion. The baby opened her parcel and squealed with delight. She put her new jacket on and paraded around. Then she stopped. She went to the hall and retrieved first jacket. She brought it into the living room. She put it on a chair and looked at it. She looked at me. What now?

She wasn't ready to take off her new prize possession but first jacket clearly still held great appeal. In the end she wore new jacket and dragged first jacket behind her, hugging it at various intervals.
If only we'd known this about her before she was born we wouldn't have bothered with teddy bears, blankets and the multitude of other snuggly things we have.
As it turns out a jacket can substitute for all these things - who knew?


  1. I would equate this to the fact that kids seem to take greater joy in playing with the BOXES that toys come in rather than the TOYS themselves. Who knew?!?!

    Happy Tuesday SITStah!

    ~Working Mommy
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  2. Don't you just love those moments. I have a pic of my Lil in a winter coat, diaper, snow boots, and a sun hat! Precious!

  3. They continue to amaze me with their cute little minds.

  4. So cute!! I have a 3yr old that is the same way!

  5. For my son is was an extra soother. He had one to suck and one to squeeze. In retrospect, I would have preferred a jacket ;)

  6. Just make sure Grandma and Grandpa now know this is a responsibility they have to fulfill annually! :)

  7. Well, I'm doubly proud that I was able to get her to remove it when she visited, given her obvious attachment. Love a toddler with fashion sense.

  8. I have a couple of awards for you if you would like... ;)


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