Monday, November 23, 2009

Babysitter, Part Two.

Babysitting did not go so well. I guess that's all a matter of perspective. The babysitter is great. She plays piano and at bedtime serenades the six year old with a lullaby. We have an open plan house so the six year old gets into bed and the piano music drifts up to her. Lovely.

The baby was already asleep before the sitter arrived so she may have missed the concert.
She did however wake for a private recital. At 9pm.
She was still up at 11.30pm. It was at this point the sitter called me.
Sigh. I drove my gussied up, disappointed self home.

"Mama!" says a delighted little voice running down the hall to greet me.
It is now 12.15pm (I was a 40 minute drive away) and the baby looks bright eyed and bushy tailed.
The babysitter looks exhausted.
They have read books, played guitar, sang songs, danced and played. The babysitter dutifully tried to have her return to bed every 15 minutes but hey the baby's no fool.
She knows where the fun is.

I give her a bottle of milk and she's was asleep within 10 minutes of me getting home.
I paid the sitter extra for her trouble and she went home.
The husband stayed at the event so there I am over dressed, wearing make up (a rare occurrence) sitting on the couch alone with a cup of tea.
I try to picture it as a Cosmo but it's a futile endeavour.

I am disgruntled. I put my kids first most of the time and most of the time that's fine. Tonight was something I have been looking forward to for a while. I was there for two hours. The babysitter is happy to get extra cash. The six year old loves having her here. The baby had the time of her life and the husband gets to stay at the party. It's just little ole me who got the short end of the stick.

There was an upside. The baby slept until 8.30am. That's a gift that almost makes up for missing the fun. Almost.
I see a spa day in my future......


  1. I'm currently having a moment of thoughts of "How come I'm always the last one taken care of?" oh right. Family comes first! Phooey!

    MB, Lynn

  2. I definitely feel your pain. My husband is usually at work when it is time to put our daughter to bed, so I am the one who feeds and rocks her. He has since broken his hand and has been home, but when bedtime comes I am still the only one who is able to rock her to sleep. I get all fuzzy inside, though, knowing that she still prefers me before bedtime!!

  3. Oh man. I was hoping for a better update than this one. We as mothers can all relate to your bummer night. :( Next time. It will for sure work out next time!!

  4. Ohhhhmmm.....

    Deep cleansing breath....

    Nice read, though :-)

  5. I know someone else who needs a spa day. Let's get it on the books, shall we? So sorry about your aborted night out....

  6. It's easy for us moms to always put our needs last. But to keep your sanity you need to take some time for yourself. I know you hear this all the time. But it's true. Book your spa day now and stick to it! Stressed out moms are no good moms.
    Or hire a great babysitter and have her stay overnight!


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