Sunday, October 25, 2009

Making Time.

People ask me all the time,

"When do you find time to blog?"

Well there are two ways to look at that:

1. I make time.


2. I ignore my children for an hour every other day.

Pride in my mothering skills will make me go with the first one.
It got me thinking though. How do I make the time?

For one thing I put blogging ahead of things I probably shouldn't - like showers.
I sometimes blog when my children are hoping I'll play with them.
I tell them it's mummies job and I have to work.
For the most part they get it. Well, the six year old gets it and the baby will go along with the six year old on most things.

This has turned out to be quite useful. For example, when they are driving me nuts, (obviously a rare occurrence because my children are cherubs) I might go and read Hello Magazine online.

"Are you doing your job momma?"

"Yes sweetie, yes I am."

Is that a lie? Isn't it my job to be a calm, caring mother?
If I need to enter the adult world or be distracted by fashion to remain calm and caring, I'm doing my job right?

Sometimes, I blog in the evenings. Maybe you can tell, those posts tend to mention wine and fatigue a lot more than the 9am posts. Sometimes I skip a post - do you notice? I feel guilty and a slacker but since I'm my own boss I tend to get distracted and forget to tell myself off.

Mostly, I blog when the six year old is at school and the baby is napping.
That time is reserved for laundry, housework, a nap for me if I was up with the baby during the night, food preparation, emails, bill pay and a multitude of other things.

So, there's the truth of it. My house is a mess, our clothes are dirty, I am over tired and under washed. But hey, I have a great blog!


  1. It's just a matter of priorities. As long as you are doing what you're supposed to do, the stuff that works, instead of what you think other people think you should do, then who cares what thing gets left off the ToDo list that day. You can't do everything, right?

    So have a good week, and don't forget to do this and that. And that. And that. And that!


    (visiting from SITS)

    - Margaret

  2. You do have a great blog :) I guarentee that tomorrow there will still be laundry and housework and bills and showers....

  3. I can relate! Yes it is okay to do what you need to so you will stay sane. Or at least sane enough, right?

  4. Happy Sits Day!! I recently saw a plaque that house is a mess but you should see my web page!! Ain't that the truth?? haha
    enjoy your day!!


  5. Happy SITS Day!!! I saw a sign that said "If my house is clean my computer is broken=)!!!!!!

  6. I ignore my children every morning from 8-9AM. :) And shirk my responsibilities in order to fulfill my obligation to my small but loyal following of readers.

    I should send you a picture of my house right now. There are empty capri suns on the floor next to 3 pairs of shoes and I'm not sure where my bed has gone but I think it's under all those clothes.

    I understand your dilemma. Ain't guilt grand!

  7. I "work" too :)! I tell my four year old when I need a break that I need to work on the computer and work consists of my blog, email and facebook...glad to hear I'm not the only one with this "job"! Happy SITS day!

  8. So so true... and well I am just feeling a bit guilty now. Hmmm maybe I should go play with my kids.

    Congrats on being featured on SITS!!

  9. You DO have a great blog! I'm brand-new to blogging and I was wondering how I was going to find my favorite GREAT blogs. I just joined The Secret is in The Sauce (great move), they brought me to you (great blogger), and now I'm inspired (great feeling)! Thank-you!

  10. Happy SITS day! I also am asked frequently when I have time to blog. It's typically done at the front counter in between stirring mac'n'cheese or at my job outside of the home. :)

  11. Yes, yes, yes!! Same here!! Except I don't have any time in the evenings to blog (due to the "secret" nature of my blog - which means my husband doesn't know!). All of my blog posts are hastily drafted under durress ;) I have a hard time getting my kids to nap and the baby has a hard time not crying all day... there have been days where no one has anything clean to wear, my dishes haven't been done in a few days and nothing else has been done, but to retain any amount of sanity I have to write.

  12. I love your outlook on life / mothering. My Dad use to always say, "Don't worry about the housework. It's not going anywhere and will wait for you until tomorrow, the next day, or any of the days thereafter ..... *smile* Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote for them. No entry fee.

  13. Hahah, gotta do what ya gotta do ;-)

    Jamie :)

  14. Amen, sister! That other stuff is kind of like the sun, or the weather. It will always be there, so to speak. Creative expression only lasts for so long though.

  15. If I had children to ignore, I'd probably do the same thing.

    As it is, I tend to ignore a paper/assignment/presentation with a looming deadline.

    But you know, either way.

  16. Way-to-go-girl!!! Happy Sits Day!
    I'm glad that you have made blogging a priority in your hectic life. I believe that blogging is good for the soul and you certainly know how to express yourself.

    I am going to follow you. Please come over and visit me too.

  17. Hi, congrats on getting a SITS day! I love this post and your sense of humor! I don't have children but I might follow you just to get a real look at what I'm in for. :)

  18. I agree. Got to make time. Used to putting "myself" aside for the kids, why not for my bloggy friends. Hey, they cant' see my house or smell my unclean body.


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