Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From Far and Wide.

I love Canada. It just has a something about it.
Getting here was the easiest journey I have ever undertaken. Our flight was quiet - so they very sweetly let me bring the baby on in her car seat. She slept the entire way.
The husband and six year old had their own row so I was able to have a cocktail and read a magazine. The bag of baby occupying tricks lay abandoned on the empty seat next to me.
Bliss. It really is the little things.

Our drive from the airport into Vancouver was stunning. Snow capped mountains in panorama.
The children obliged us again by listening quietly to Charlotte's Web on CD.
The Grandparents were standing outside the rental house waving as we pulled up and the six year old leapt from the (still moving?) car into Grandad's arms. I got 'something' in my eye again.

The rental house is fabulous. I have an obsession with bathrooms, mostly based on ratio.
There are four. The house itself is new, large and comfortable. Couple that with an incredible location. I am a VERY happy camper.

I have barely seen the kids. They are attached to the Grandparents at all times. One Grandparent is actually honorary. She is the dear friend of Grandad. We are all delighted she is here. It's lovely (and relaxing) to watch the six year old stroll past me in pursuit of her new favorite play pals.

The baby is also feeling the Canada vibe. She has been sleeping through the night and until 8am. I hesitate to say it out loud - it's like a little miracle.
When she wakes she is cheerful and has been entertaining the greater Vancouver public with her gummy smile and determined swagger.
She has walked miles, eaten unusual NAK! with gusto and is generally delightful.

The six year old has established herself as a fervent shopper. She has some holiday spending money but is struggling with the concept of spreading her purchases out over the week. She's like a kid in a candy shop. Wait she is a kid in a candy shop. Ahh, perhaps that's why my parental logic is falling on deaf ears.

The shops are calling us.......

Note: Picture is of Capilano Suspension Bridge, which we walked across yesterday.


  1. Glad you had a lovely time. Sounds as though it was relaxing (as relaxing as a mom vacation can be). I love Vancouver. We lived not 5 minutes from the capilano suspension bridge and never mad it over it. Kids were to scared at the time (and so was mom!)

  2. sounds wonderful! you'll have to give me the details of the rental. neil was there on business recently and just said it would be a great place to take the kids.

  3. Glad it's all worked out for the best and a good time is being had by ALL members of the family. Can't wait to see photos....

  4. Vancouver is a charming city. Canada, Newzeland and Austarlia are countries where one will like raise her child as these countries retain the charms of old time while being fairly developed which is so sorely missing in most cities because of haphazard growth.

  5. wow, I would love to get out there. do share your rental details!!

  6. anonymous is mary, eden's mom, by the way. cant get blogger to work with me...


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