Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We're going away again. Call me crazy. I just can't get enough of the laundry and the packing. The allure of flying with a toddler - I crave it.

I'm particularly excited because this time our flight is only two hours, so it's one of those small planes. Here's the dilemma - if I buy the baby a seat we get split into two rows with some poor unsuspecting stranger seated next to us. If I don't buy her a seat - we get our own row but she doesn't have a seat. What's a mom to do?

We've gone with the no seat option. If you live in the Pacific Northwest you may hear my screams as we fly over.
We're off to meet Granddad in Canada ehh. He's flying in from Scotland. I'm thinking the combination of over-excited kids, tired parents and a jet lagged Granddad should be fabulous.

Traveling with the kids is so complicated. We need two car seats (Canada has strict car seat laws so the six year old needs one) a stroller, a travel crib, a high chair the list goes on. I did find a company in Canada who will deliver the crib and high chair to our rental house so that's two less things to haul. I still find myself fantasizing about strolling down the jet way with one little carry-on and a book. Sigh.

My kids passports have more stamps in them now than mine did at age 21. The baby has her own air miles. The six year old has two separate airline club cards. I think she can upgrade herself on her next flight. Thinking about it that might be the one time I would be happy to sit in coach...

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