Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pride and Joy.

The six year old decided she wanted to roller skate. There was a rink at our resort so it wasn't exactly an unprompted ambition. I was skeptical. It's really an ice rink so the floor, in Summer, is solid concrete. I tried to convince her she'd have more fun doing other things - to no avail. She was determined. So, we went to rent the skates, helmet, knee and elbow pads. If you know me you can now picture my indignant face when they inform me there are only skates for rent. OK, I can deal with this - where can I buy bubble wrap....

If you are a parent you will know that an imploring child is hard to over-rule so, against all better judgement, I take her onto the bone splintering rink. All around us kids are face planting hard onto the unforgiving floor.
The six year old is unfazed.
"Momma - I don't need you to teach me - I can do it."
"Well honey, you've never done it before so I think I'll just show you a little bit."
"NO Momma! I want to do it by myself."
The husband gently encourages me off the rink with the promise of a gin and tonic.
There's a bar at the side of the rink - genius!

I am filled with trepidation. What if she breaks her arm? Knocks out more teeth?
Gets concussion. I gulp down my G&T to remain calm.
Meanwhile the six tear old starts gliding by.
She is a natural. Her delight is delicious to watch.
She is so proud of herself. I make a fool of myself getting tearful and cheering her on too loudly. The husband thoughtfully captured the moment.


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