Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Joy.

Being a parent is such a trip down memory lane but I have been struck lately by how different the kids childhoods are to mine.

The six year old loves 'Little Joy' stories. In my head they are illustrated and we often have to look things up on the computer so she can see the differences.
It makes me feel a little old.

Take her new passion for example. Here's what I skated on,
at the time I thought they were the coolest thing ever.

When I bought candy (sweeties) they came like this. They had their own designated shop and the smell in that shop is childhood encapsulated for me.

Even as we look things up on my laptop, I remember the day our high school got a computer. That's right - singular. We sat around it in a semi-circle and stepped forward to take a turn pressing the buttons! We never did have one at home.

We sat in the back seat of a car without seat belts - never mind car seats or boosters. Plane trips were an exotic fantasy. Eating out at a restaurant was for grown ups. TV was black and white and had 3 channels - I was the remote.
Laundry had a dedicated day and took all day - OK so some things haven't changed.

It's a relief that the most important things you give your child are the same no matter what year you were born in.

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