Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girl Power!

My baby is a girl. I know this because I've seen her naked. If you were to meet her, you would know this because of her gorgeous, brow skimming, eye lashes. Another clue would be the fact that she is usually wearing a dress. Her preference for head to toe pink should also clarify things.

Why is it then, that I spend so much time listening to:
"How old is he?" or "What's his name?"
I'll admit she's short on hair but really, the pink dress didn't clue you in?
Actually, I don't mind - I can see that it's an easy mistake to make - what I do mind is when the commenter gets annoyed with me for their mistake.

I have been told:
"Well you shouldn't cut her hair so short."
It's not a cut it's just slow to come in.
"You should dress her in girl colors."
I suppose blue flowers on a pink t-shirt can be confusing (if you have a low IQ.)
My favorite:
"Too bad you got two girls - she looks like a boy though."
Oh well - that makes the fact that 'I got girls' so much easier to bear - that they look like boys.
For the record - I love my girls - boyish or otherwise.

You know that game you play where you bring in a baby photo to work and everyone has to guess who's who? My photo always had guys names under it - despite the fact I was wearing a bikini in the shot.....

I'm unconcerned. I was virtually bald until I was three and now I have thick, flowing locks. In the meantime maybe I'll get the baby a wig.

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