Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adventures in Fairyland.

Spoiler Alert: Not for little eyes or ears!

You can always count on kids to be unpredictable. After having four of her front top teeth kicked loose a month ago the next tooth to fall from the six year old's mouth was on the bottom row.

She was eating a burrito at the time and the fact that she didn't swallow it was impressive. Compare a baby tooth to a grain of rice and you'll know why. They are so tiny!

We were over at a friends which quite frankly was a dream come true for the six year old - an audience! She didn't disappoint - we were treated to a full performance. Excitement, tears, blood therefore drama then finally, triumph!
After much parading and gap inspection the tooth was secured for the tooth fairy.
I should point out this is not the first tooth to come out of the six year old - with this one we are three in - seventeen more shows to go.

After the initial excitement wore off, we began the tooth fairy anticipation. Lots of her peers have been visited recently so she has lots of treasure ideas stored. Some kids got $20 ($20! I thought we were in a recession?) Her first visits here she brought a gold then silver dollar. The six year old was clear that she didn't need another dollar.

Later, tucked up in bed with the tooth stowed under her pillow - I suggested she make her wish. She did - in her head.
"What did you wish for sweetie?"
"I can't tell, it won't come true."
"Hmmm, I don't think that's true - I'd love to know."
How do you convey how much you'd love (read need) to know?
The six year old was firm. "It's a secret."
It's OK - I'm pretty sure I know what she's wishing for.
We read her story and as I'm tucking her in I say "Well I hope the fairy brings your bunny train."
"Oh, I don't want that anymore."
What? I'm counting on it being the bunny train thingy. She's been pointing it out for weeks.
"What did you ask for then? It would be fun for mummy to wish for you too. Also, you don't need to keep wishes secret for them to come true - I know people say that but it's not true. Mummy really wants to know..."
OK, I know, but what am I supposed to do?

"A stuffy!" she says.
Phew. Now I know.
"Night, night sweetie."

I am downstairs before I realize, I don't know what kind of stuffy. A stuffy is a cuddly toy. The options are endless. Thankfully the husband remembers she saw one earlier that day at the supermarket that she had wanted.
I troop off to the market and find the puppy - only there are two colors. Which one?
I am thinking how grateful I am for late opening hours and cell phones when the husband informs he doesn't know. He's feeling pretty smug he remembers the stuffy type and store. Stuffy details are a stretch.

Next morning we are greeted by squeals of delight as the six year old discovers TWO puppy stuffies under her pillow.

Am I overachieving?


  1. Oh geez, you mean they stop wanting the easy choice (money)?? And WHAT? $20 for a tooth???? I'm gobsmacked. Sweetpea got 2 pounds (since we were in London) for her first, but the rest we're planning on being a bit more modest.

  2. Congrats to Miss Six, btw. And I *am* glad you were able to decipher the "wish". They don't warn you about this stuff pre-motherhood, do they?

  3. I have 6 yr old of my own and we've yet to have a loose tooth. Love the drama it all entailed, great job toothfairy! Oh, popped in from SITS.


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