Thursday, June 4, 2009

Six versus Forty.

I want just one teeny weeny bit of the six year old's energy.
This morning she tiptoed up to my bedside, fully dressed and bursting to show me her newly tidied room.
It was 6.20am.

I crawled into her room - who can resist a six year old so full of self pride she might burst?
Wow. It was gleaming. All books on the book shelf. Dress up in the box. Furniture in the doll's house. You could see at least 3 feet square of carpet. A miracle!
What time did she get up?

I grew up in a house that had to be tidy at all times so in classic parent backlash, I allow my kids to leave toys where they drop them. Instead we tidy up once a week. Let's face it - the toys will be back out within hours.

Actually, truth be told she's tidying with a purpose. Her Auntie is coming from Australia tomorrow. She's excited. I am too but I don't face the inevitable tidying with one ounce of her energy or enthusiasm.
Where does that childhood energy go? What happens to it? I want it back.

I am becoming more and more interested in the George Costanza life plan. If you're not familiar - it's where you live your life backwards.
You come in old with the most wisdom and wealth. You get younger as your life goes on and you go out on an orgasm. Brilliant.
Let the tidying begin.


  1. Just found your blog. What a fresh breath of air it is! I also like your MORON - Mom Operating On No Sleep I think it goes. I am a Moron and I am operating on no sleep :) Hope to be able to stop by more to read your entries. I LOVE them!

  2. Thanks for always giving me a good laugh!

    Happy Weekend!

  3. if someone could bottle it...I would buy it by the case load...thanks so much for coming by on my feature day...I'm so glad you did


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