Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paying It Forward.

If you are in the Bay Area you may have heard this story.
Maria is a parent just like you and I except last week she drove from her home in a nice area to meet a friend in a troubled area. There, she drove through a gun fight and was killed by a stray bullet. She leaves behind a son.

This story is tragic on every level, not least because Maria was a single parent.
Let's stay with the positive. We have an opportunity to help.
Kenny, her son, is 17 years old and wants to go to college.

I know that many are affected by our economic downturn but if you have anything spare consider helping send a kid to college and a secure future.

You'll find out all you need to know here: www.mariamikell.com

Thanks for reading and please share with anyone you think might be interested.

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