Sunday, June 14, 2009

Help Me Obi Wan.

My good friend at Mosey Along is always pointing me in the direction of fascinating blogs.
She blogs for community while I shamelessly blog for your votes and your advertising clicks.

Mosey Along told me about a mom with a story that is so difficult to comprehend I didn't actually finish reading it. The great thing about giving through blogging is, you can give and see where your dollars are going. You can find a person whose story touches your heart and directly help.
I'm sharing it with you today because they have a Silent Auction going on, starting today, to help with medical bills.
Let's face it giving and then getting is an added bonus. I thought the stuff on offer was really cute. Go see for yourself at Auction For Carol

And now for something completely different....

Yesterday the six year old had a birthday party to attend. It was Star Wars themed and she went as Princess Leia. If I do say so myself, I made a spectacular costume out of a pillow case and two bagels stuffed on a headband. Brilliant. The Waldorf community would be proud - sort of.

There was a bouncy. I want you to hear that dramatic music they play in movies when something bad is about to happen in your head now. Princess Leia got her front teeth smashed in. Four of them. I know it was an accident but the young man in question was unrepentant and I had to restrain my inner Jabba The Hut.
We managed to wiggle them back into their sockets (oh the humanity) and they are still there this morning but let's face it - their days are numbered.

We've lost teeth before and one of the front teeth was a little wiggly but I am not prepared for the freeway sized gap that will soon appear front and center in the six year old's gorgeous smile. Between one kids teeth falling out and the others coming in we are all toothed out here. I'm not sure I can afford the impending tooth fairy bill either.


  1. You want I should find that kid and give 'im what for?

  2. Ouch! Poor thing. I mean you as well as the six-year old!

    I'd love to see a picture of that costume!

  3. Eeeew! Where is your light sabre (yes I know that spelling doesn't look right but I can't think at this time in the morning)when you need it?
    PS The dramatic music I had in my head was the theme from "Jaws".


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