Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost In Translation

Am I speaking a foreign language? Are my words unclear?
I think I'm fairly articulate. Most people seem to understand me well.
Except for the six year old. To her I speak Martian apparently.

Thursday is a bus day. We are tight for time. In about 30 minutes, I have to feed the baby then get the six year old up, into the bathroom, dressed and downstairs for breakfast. In the meantime I have packed a lunch and changed a diaper.

This morning I asked the six year old to put on the clothes I had laid out for her while I went to make breakfast. Ten minutes later she saunters into the kitchen- beautifully dressed in her pajamas.
What did she do with that ten minutes? When I asked her - she had no explanation.
"Oh, you know."
No, I don't know - I really want to know. I would like to understand where the six year old mind takes you when you have a specific instruction.

I thought females were multi-taskers. Are my expectations too high?
I did lay out the clothes - she just had to put them on. She has the motor skills.
Does the bedroom of a child contain a time warp?

So there I am full of righteous indignation. Frustrated by her lack of focus.
Aaah, instant karma.
We head off for the bus. At the stop I usually get on the bus to check her seatbelt is secure.
I then stand by and wave her off. As the bus pulls out one of the other moms points out that I still have her lunch pack in my hand. Aaaargh.

I am just running to the car to chase the bus to the next pick up stop when the bus returns. A very concerned six year old peering out the window. A very frustrated bus driver with a tight schedule gives me the very look I gave my pajama clad kid in the kitchen only 20 minutes prior.
I am suitably chastened.

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