Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Under Attack!

The kids are tag teaming me. I think the full moon might also be in on the game. The ten month old really has never enjoyed the whole 10 hour, nights sleep thing. She prefers to do it in 3-4 hour bursts, punctuated with an hour (or more) of play or a bottle or anything she can think of. The six year old usually sleeps soundly for eleven hours.

I've noticed a new trend. If the baby does decide that mummy is beginning to look like a bag lady, she might decide to sleep for an 8-10 hour stretch. Guess what? The six year old picks that night to have a bad dream, need water or want to sleep in my bed.

Now I know they are little and still have a lot of needs and a lot to learn but really?
It isn't rocket science to work out that a tired, cranky mummy is NOT the kind of mummy you want.

Do they discuss it over dinner in some secret kid language? Are they drawing straws to see who should get up?

Last night they took the game to a whole new level and tag teamed throughout the night. I would just get one settled and the other would get up. Needless to say I was not a well rested, nice mummy this morning.

Here's the rub - the ten month old greets me in the morning with a completely disarming, gummy smile and the six year old told me "You are a beautiful mummy and I will have lovely thoughts in my heart for you all day."
I don't stand a chance.....


  1. Okay I'm hooked ... even though I keep my wife locked under the stairs and most certainly wont let her out for pro-creation. Scottish Lass, this is damn funny stuff. You should totally self publish!

  2. Tag-teaming is the secret revenge of children. I remember many nights where I would move from one room to the next with the girls. All 3 of them knowing when to sleep (not all at the same time) and when to wake (when one of the other 2 had just fallen asleep). Torture.


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